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The Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) are a variety of services with the objective of providing researchers with both scientific support and the infrastructure necessary for the various aspects of their research.The highly qualified SCT staff maintains and supports the infrastructure available and provides the researchers and users with the technical assistance and the advice needed for the optimal utilization of these resources.

Management in charge of the Scientific and Technical Services is responsible for the overall coordination and organization of these Services, however, each service has a specific responsible person in order to guarantee the optimization and good functioning of each service.

The services offered are mainly the following:

  • Scientific consulting
  • Providing space areas for experimental activities
  • Making available highly technological equipment for biomedical research

Besides using own Scientific and Technical Services (SCT), Hospital del Mar Research Institute researchers can also have access to those belonging to the CRG and the UPF, located in the same building of the PRBB. These SCT add to and complement the services already available, covering fields such as Genomics, Proteomics, Cytometry and Microscopy.

The Scientific and Technical Services of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute are also part of CERCA-GINYS, a platform for accessing the scientific and technical infrastructures of CERCA centers. This platform supports the infrastructures and facilitates access for the entire scientific and technological community, especially for the private business and industrial sectors.

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    Coordinació de Serveis Interns i Laboratoris de Recerca:
    Xavier Mayol(ELIMINAR)

    93 316 04 24

    Doctor Aiguader, 88
    08003 Barcelona

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