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The cancer research programme contributes to improving the prevention and the diagnosis of the illness, and to increase recovery rates and quality of life through research. This programme consists of twelve research groups, which are classified into three complementary levels.

Basic research

Discovering and understanding the biology of cancer to offer new objectives and suitable biomarkers in order to reach the next stage (pre-clinical research). It is composed of six groups:

Pre-clinical research

The study of new therapeutic targets, medication and biomarkers in pre-clinical models, to move from basic research into animal studies and the first clinical trials. The priority areas will be molecular pathology, development of new medication, the pharmacodynamics of anticancer agents, pharmacogenetics and imaging. It is composed of five research groups:

Research oriented towards the illness

The research aimed at the illness combines the efforts of researchers and clinics from different disciplines and departments to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Patient studies, including clinical trials, that test the effectiveness and safety of new treatments, observational studies and biomarker studies. It is composed of six research groups:


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